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Progettazione, taglio e lavorazione di tubi, lamiere e profili special


For the laser processing using a LASERTUBE ADIGE SPA replacing all the work carried out on different machines in sequence, such as cutting to length, deburring, punching, stamping, drilling and milling. Lets get a piece tubular finished in one process. In addition to round, square, rectangular, flat oval, flat oval and semi-elliptical, you can create different sections by programming in CAD-CAM.
In particular, thanks to the recent purchase of the innovative software Artube you can:
- The design and generation of machine tubular components;
- Management of special sections;
- The management of open profiles;
- Importing files with certain extensions.
This technology is used both for processing for third parties for internal machining of finished products.

Material machined: steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
Possibility of processing different types of tubes:
- Round tube with a diameter of 12-140 mm;
- Square tube 12x12 mm to 120x120 mm;
- Rectangular tube 20x10 mm 120x100 mm;
- Oval tube 25x15 mm 100x60 mm

For the sheet metal using a laser sheet of fiber-optic CYLASER 6000PLUS FINSOMAC.
Cutting capacity thickness:
- Up to 15mm for iron;
- Up to 4 mm for stainless steel;

Maximum size of sheet metal fabricated: 1.5mx 3m.

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